We appreciate our volunteers! However, we are always striving to increase the number of volunteers at South Dakota ACHIEVE.

We have several volunteer mentoring opportunities available for both long and short-term commitments.

Our main goal is to increase social activities, friendships, personal growth and recreation for the people we serve. Remember, you don’t have to volunteer alone. Bring along co-workers, family members or friends.

Volunteer Mentor Opportunities include:

  • Love Gardening? Be a Garden Mentor! Do you enjoy gardening, growing and helping others learn? If so, South Dakota Achieve would invite you to be a gardening mentor. Set up time between 8:30am-3pm on a weekly bases to come to South Dakota Achieve to help adults with disabilities develop their passion for gardening. Garden mentors will help carry out learning activities related to gardening and provide one-on-one mentoring for all garden processes (watering, weeding, and just sitting around smelling the roses). This gardening mentor opportunity can be year-round (winter months too!).
  • Seeking Sports Fans! Are you a person who enjoys cheering on Sioux Falls sport teams on a weekly basis? Teams such as the Stampede, Skyforce, Storm, Pheasants or High School teams. If so, looking for a friend to meet and attend home games on a regular basis. As a friend, you will meet 30-45 min before the game begins, at the event location for pre-game snacks, some laughs, and discussion, and then watch the game with adults with disabilities. Each person will purchase their own tickets (tickets are for “special needs” seating areas and are typically reduced in price) and snacks. Let us know which teams you like and we will hook you up with some fun people to join!

  • Fishing Buddy Wanted! Do you enjoy “casting a line out” during the weekdays or on the weekends? Do you like to share your stories about the “big fish that got away” and spend time with others? Can you take the fish off the hook? If so, looking for fishing buddies between the weekdays hours of 8:30am-3pm, or on weekends mostly anytime to go fishing with. Each person will bring their own fishing equipment. As a fishing buddy, you will help adults with disabilities bait the hook, share your fishing knowledge, get to know people through conversations, take the fish off the hook and have fun!

  • Fitness Friends at the Sanford Wellness Center Wanted! Do you go to the Sanford Wellness Center? Are you looking to motivate a fitness friend and are you looking for someone to motivate you? Do you like to swim or bike or walk and keep exercises in the “low impact” range? If so, we would like to connect with you as a fitness friend. Fitness friends would meet at the Sanford Wellness Center (Oxbow Ave) on a weekly bases to motivate each other and exercise along side of each other.

  • “Dessert and Game Night” – Bring a dessert to someone’s home while playing board games.

  • Faithful Friends Wanted: At your church assembly and during times you attend services, help people explore their faith by providing rides to church, through conversations, introducing to church members, attending services or prayer groups together, or volunteering for tasks during services.
    These are only some ideas – the list is endless. A volunteer will undoubtedly receive a warm welcome and an invitation to come back again. We hope that this type of interaction develops into a long-term friendship!

  • Getting involved is easy! First, choose something from the list above that fits your lifestyle or personality. Then call Becky Sluiter at (605) 274-1229 or send an email to rebecca.sluiter@achievesd.org for more information.

    Becky Sluiter
    Community Resource Coordinator

    Becky Sluiter has been with South Dakota Achieve for the past 10 years. Her favorite part of her job is deepening relationships with people supported and truly understanding what each person wants in life. After understanding what people want, she locates educational opportunities which open new doors for people as they strive towards their goals and dreams. Sluiter states, “Anything is possible as long as you continue to learn and work toward what you want. I am blessed to be able to empower people through these learning opportunities!”

    Volunteer…and make a difference in someone’s life!